Hello, and welcome to Literary Northampton! I created this site because of my own frustration with not having one single source for the myriad literary happenings in and around the Valley. I hope you find it useful. And please, feel free to share in the comments other events, with links, I may have missed. If they seem appropriate to me (yup, I make the final decision), I will list them in the corresponding monthly post.

I plan to update the lists in the posts below frequently (I do have a day job, so), so please check back often. I hope to have the next month’s listings about half-way through the current month.

I am not getting any income from this — just doing it as a hobby, at least for now, to keep myself organized and to expand my writing and reading communities.

Please, share as you see fit.

Looking forward to seeing you here.


PS Please, be sure to confirm with the original listing for accuracy. Management is not responsible for changes or cancellations.